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  • Trade alert – closing some trades which worked out in this crazy market

    Trade alert – closing some trades which worked out in this crazy market

    This was the nasdaq in Octorber (so far): The first week looked off to a great start, until Friday afternoon where it erased all progress. Then the second week kindof went nowhere, until Thursday where the market fell off a cliff in the morning, only to close green for the day and back above where […]

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  • Mid August update

    Mid August update

    We went as high as 6.7% green YTD last week, although we’ve tapered off now to only ~5%: Still, a lot better than the nasdaqs -19% performance. I did do a few trades over the past 2 weeks, because I was skeptical of the rally and I wanted to free up some cash to deploy […]

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  • Trade alert – close AMZN call butterfly

    Trade alert – close AMZN call butterfly

    Putting out an alert that I took profits on my call butterfly position (details here): closed for 44 (opened for 24.5) so took 1950$ profits off the table. The reason I did this is that theres only 1600$ more to gain from here with AMZN above $2340, but 17 days left on the position, so […]

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  • AMZN position adjustments!!

    AMZN position adjustments!!

    So the fed spoke and the nasdaq flew up 3%. Honestly, with AMZN trading at multi-year lows, I’m actually a bit worried it will fly up from here and I won’t have the opportunity to make enough money on the way up and I will be kicking myself that I didn’t go more bullish, even […]

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  • Weekly summary and portfolio review

    Weekly summary and portfolio review

    How do you summarize the week that just on Friday the nasdaq went down 4.2%, the VIX went up 7% ending above 33$, and where my portfolio lost 28,700$ in value? It was a hard week. In fact, in the last 2 weeks my portfolio went from 531k to 490k, so down 41k, or ~8%. […]

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  • AMZN earnings trade – follow up

    AMZN earnings trade – follow up

    Originally posted on Hab Technology:
    With amzn trading at 2800, implied volatility at 46%, the vix at 30, and earnings this evening, it’s time to do a conservative earnings trade on them. In the past year whenever AMZN neared the 2800 line it popped back up: So a it’s possible to do a very (!)…

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