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November 9% Nasdaq – year end portfolio review

Although it may not feel like it, the nasdaq went up 9% in the last month: Its still down 28% on the year, but at its lowest this year it was down 34% (!). My portfolio is doing a lot better, showing -3.8% for the year, but still red for the year unfortunately: Honestly I […]

Trade alert – closing some trades which worked out in this crazy market

This was the nasdaq in Octorber (so far): The first week looked off to a great start, until Friday afternoon where it erased all progress. Then the second week kindof went nowhere, until Thursday where the market fell off a cliff in the morning, only to close green for the day and back above where […]

Nasdaq hits June lows + trade alerts on AMZN, AAPL, V

With the nasdaq back at June lows, its time to execute what I said at the end of this post – deploy some cash. There are 3 opportunities I see today: V, AMZN, AAPL, and the way I decided to play them this time is a bit unusual, especially when looking at the rest of […]

Executed trades update – still (barely) green for the year

Which is something other indices can’t say for themselves. Even after todays 2% rally, the nasdaq is down ~7% over the last month. After todays almost $10k of (unrealized) gains, we’re showing $2300 green for the year, so less than half a percent, but compared to the nasdaq’s YTD of -26%, not bad. I did […]

Mid August update

We went as high as 6.7% green YTD last week, although we’ve tapered off now to only ~5%: Still, a lot better than the nasdaqs -19% performance. I did do a few trades over the past 2 weeks, because I was skeptical of the rally and I wanted to free up some cash to deploy […]

Weekly summary and portfolio review – 17 July

So these updates have gotten significanly less frequent, both because I’m super busy raising the twins and working on other projects going on in my life right now, but also because my investing strategy has slightly shifted, and I’m trying a more hands-off approach. Previously I would be glued to the market during trading hours, […]

(Bi)Weekly summary

I thought I missed last weeks weekly summary, but it seems I actually missed the last 2 weeks. The reason for this is I have been busy with other projects, and honestly nothing ground breaking has been happening in the markets… a couple percent up, a couple percent down… This turned out not to be […]

June 5 weekly summary – the week we went nowhere

The nasdaq ended last week at 12,690, this week at 12,550. So we went nowhere value wise, but a week of time premium did decay, so my portfolio still gained $6,800, or over 1%, so not too shabby. Other than that I did some adjustments as detailed here and here this week, but nothing earth […]

Trade alert – AMZN adjustment and TSLA increase

It may be early to say but it seems to me like the selloffs are being bought, rather than earlier this year where the rips were being sold. Look at the last 2 weeks of the nasdaq: Especially this week but also last, there seems to be significant support of the recent selloffs. In addition, […]

Trade alert – close AMZN call butterfly

Putting out an alert that I took profits on my call butterfly position (details here): closed for 44 (opened for 24.5) so took 1950$ profits off the table. The reason I did this is that theres only 1600$ more to gain from here with AMZN above $2340, but 17 days left on the position, so […]

May 27 Weekly summary – after a week off

Last week was tough for me, both portfolio-wise but also life-wise, so I decided to do what Warren Buffet says to do when stocks are down: don’t watch the market too closely. It seems to have paid off, because since my “have we seen the bottom” post on May 13, my porfolio is up $19k […]


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