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23% 2023 (!)

Nothing like starting off the year with enough gains for the whole year:

Unfortunately, December 2022 was a disaster, but we are now up ~5% since the start of this blog (Jan 2022). For comparison, the nasdaq is down 22% in the same time period.

I have filled a bunch of trades this year, mostly trimming/taking profits on positions which are now green, and rolling out my AMZN, TSLA short puts another 6 months out, because they are now back ATM and therefore the roll brings in the most premium. Here is a screenshot of filled orders, if you’re interested to know exactly the trade ask in the comments:

What remains is to update my current status:

With the vix below 20, I’m currently sitting on over 50% cash (340/560k available), but still ready to wait out the remaining 175k$ of short put positions to decay to zero over the next 2 years, which comes out to just about 15%/year, assuming all the positions go my way (expire worthless) and I don’t adjust anything.

I don’t think the market will sustain this but lets see what the rest of 2023 brings.

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