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  • Portfolio margin explained

    Portfolio margin explained

    I got a question on this post about portfolio margin so I’ll dedicate a short post to how it works. Say I sell a $100 AAPL put. Thats a promise to buy 100 shares of AAPL for 100$, costing a total of 10,000$. I happened to sell such a put in my portfolio (as well…

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  • Some support to help you stay put

    Some support to help you stay put

    In continuation to my previous post where I wrote about over-trading (among other things), I came across this article by Morgan Housel, which is particularly poignant in the current state of the market. Going over my portfolio over and over again, and over analyzing what/how to adjust is super tempting, but sometimes the best thing…

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  • Weekly summary May 6

    Weekly summary May 6

    Well this was a whipper snapper of a week. Honestly if I hadn’t checked in I wouldn’t have even realized it, as overall the nasdaq was down just 1.5%, but the whipsaw was a bit unnerving: I’ll get the weekly recap out of the way, because I would like to write about some other stuff…

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  • Exploring strategies to build your investment portfolio

    Exploring strategies to build your investment portfolio

    This will be a post oriented toward beginners who want to start investing, or have just started and are looking for advice on how to build their portfolio. So the eternal question is what do I buy? and what if it goes down right after I buy in? And it doesn’t matter if you’re planning…

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  • Using short puts to open a position

    Using short puts to open a position

    Even though apple is trading at 170$, did you know someone is willing to pay you a thousand dollars if you are willing to buy apple stock for 120$? Wait.. what?? Does that even make sense? Why would someone pay me to buy apple at 120$ when its currently at 170$? That sounds suspicious. So…

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