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Some support to help you stay put

In continuation to my previous post where I wrote about over-trading (among other things), I came across this article by Morgan Housel, which is particularly poignant in the current state of the market.

Going over my portfolio over and over again, and over analyzing what/how to adjust is super tempting, but sometimes the best thing to do is to let the month (or year) run its course.

My V earnings trade obviously went to shit (for now), so I’m going to note to self to close highly directional trades if they go in my direction (which I did close on the MSFT trade), but I still love V below 200$, and 210$ doesn’t seem like an unreasonable target for the next 2 weeks (as unlikely as it currently seems, it was at 222$ a short 12 days ago).

My TSLA 750-700 BPS may actually pay off if the market continues that way its been, enabling me to pocket 5k$ in the short term while waiting for the 450$ puts to expire.

So I will take Morgan Housel’s great advice, and stay put for now, because sometimes thats just the best thing to do, and hopefully the continuation of the week/month will see a bit of green.

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