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  • November 9% Nasdaq – year end portfolio review

    November 9% Nasdaq – year end portfolio review

    Although it may not feel like it, the nasdaq went up 9% in the last month: Its still down 28% on the year, but at its lowest this year it was down 34% (!). My portfolio is doing a lot better, showing -3.8% for the year, but still red for the year unfortunately: Honestly I […]

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  • Mid August update

    Mid August update

    We went as high as 6.7% green YTD last week, although we’ve tapered off now to only ~5%: Still, a lot better than the nasdaqs -19% performance. I did do a few trades over the past 2 weeks, because I was skeptical of the rally and I wanted to free up some cash to deploy […]

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  • Weekly summary and portfolio review – 17 July

    Weekly summary and portfolio review – 17 July

    So these updates have gotten significanly less frequent, both because I’m super busy raising the twins and working on other projects going on in my life right now, but also because my investing strategy has slightly shifted, and I’m trying a more hands-off approach. Previously I would be glued to the market during trading hours, […]

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  • Weekly summary and portfolio review

    Weekly summary and portfolio review

    How do you summarize the week that just on Friday the nasdaq went down 4.2%, the VIX went up 7% ending above 33$, and where my portfolio lost 28,700$ in value? It was a hard week. In fact, in the last 2 weeks my portfolio went from 531k to 490k, so down 41k, or ~8%. […]

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