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  • (Bi)Weekly summary

    (Bi)Weekly summary

    I thought I missed last weeks weekly summary, but it seems I actually missed the last 2 weeks. The reason for this is I have been busy with other projects, and honestly nothing ground breaking has been happening in the markets… a couple percent up, a couple percent down… This turned out not to be […]

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  • Have we seen the bottom? May 13 weekly summary

    Have we seen the bottom? May 13 weekly summary

    Theres nothing like finishing a red week with a 3.5% up day to lessen the blow, but even with that, the nasdaq was down another 2.6% for the week. My porfolio lost 3.7%, again due to my large position in AMZN, which I still think is going to work out in the long run. I […]

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  • Weekly summary May 6

    Weekly summary May 6

    Well this was a whipper snapper of a week. Honestly if I hadn’t checked in I wouldn’t have even realized it, as overall the nasdaq was down just 1.5%, but the whipsaw was a bit unnerving: I’ll get the weekly recap out of the way, because I would like to write about some other stuff […]

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  • Well that week went by hella fast

    Well that week went by hella fast

    I want to preface this post and ask you to please interact with my blog! PLEASE 🙂 Whether its to say this is a load of BS, or you like it, or you disagree with something, or something isn’t clear, or it made you think, or WHATEVER! I’m just starting out and I would love […]

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