Thoughts of a mechanical engineer turned programmer turned statistical investor. Here to save you from making mistakes I made at the beginning of my investing career.

(Bi)Weekly summary

I thought I missed last weeks weekly summary, but it seems I actually missed the last 2 weeks. The reason for this is I have been busy with other projects, and honestly nothing ground breaking has been happening in the markets… a couple percent up, a couple percent down… This turned out not to be an accurate “bottom call”, as since 12,300 the nasdaq has dropped over 1,000 points lower, but now were back up towards 12,000. And honestly I’m not surprised, I never was good at timing the market and I don’t believe anyone else is with any amout of consistency. Nonetheless my portfolios showing honestly pretty good performance:

YTD performance vs indices

I’m not sure how the -3.9% is calculated, but the portfolio is showing 46,600$ YTD losses, so simple division gives -11%, but either one is out performing the indices… The reason for that is scaling into positions and selling time decaying time premium. Its statistics, not future telling.

In the last 30 days I only did a couple of minor trades… Sold some puts on TGT, other than that adjusted my AMZN position, and rolled and closed the V short puts for some profit, but nothing earth shattering.

Someone please remind me next time V goes down below $190 its a screaming buying opportunity that won’t last for long.

I also should do some call butterfly spreads on the bad red days, to pick up a bit of cash on the bounces (if they come, which they seem to do). My actual long term positions though seem to be holding up well, most are on track to make full profits… I’ll do a portfolio review this week (if I get the chance) where I go over my positions and explain them and adjust if they need to be.

Other than that, hopefully we can get back to 12,500ish, and mostly my portfolio will be doing great. That and just wait for time premium to decay over the coming weeks and months.

Have a great week!

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