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June 5 weekly summary – the week we went nowhere

The nasdaq ended last week at 12,690, this week at 12,550. So we went nowhere value wise, but a week of time premium did decay, so my portfolio still gained $6,800, or over 1%, so not too shabby.

Other than that I did some adjustments as detailed here and here this week, but nothing earth shattering. The adjustments are good btw also as new trades for anyone who doesn’t already have the positions, so thats cool.

12,500 on the nasdaq has been holding up since we crossed it last week:

We’ll see what this next week brings, honestly I hope we don’t go up another 5% (like we have since the end of May), I would prefer to stay at these levels and let time premium decay while the rest of the market languishes… Will give me more buying power, and I would rather buy at these levels than another 5-10% higher.

Have a great week!

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